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Top wedding planners refer Reverend Richard for wedding and anniversary ceremonies as he has officiated and/or coordinated over 1,300 weddings at 135+ wedding locations in Southern California. To reserve your wedding date, discuss YOUR ceremony preferences, and lock in a great rate, use our easy contact form.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest events that will profoundly change your life. Your wedding ceremony should be what YOU want it to be – magical, romantic, exciting, powerful, and breathtaking. As your wedding officiant, and perhaps wedding coach, I would partner with you to create a wedding ceremony that is perfect for you.

You are probably wondering: “Where do we find a good wedding officiant to perform our wedding ceremony?” You can find hundreds of officiants by using the internet to find “Wedding Directories” where anyone with a $5.00 advertising budget can be listed regardless of their experience? Ugh! Don’t you really want to know something about the person that you are calling?

On your wedding day, when you’re standing before family and friends, facing each other for the most important event in your lives, you WILL be nervous! Your wedding officiant needs to be someone that you can entrust this potentially stressful, life changing moment to. Your wedding officiant needs to be a professional that you feel good about. OR, you may be counted as one of 60% of couples nationally who wish that they had hired someone else. Ugh! Still thinking about having a relative or friend perform the ceremony?

My name is Richard Cadieux. I am a Certified wedding professional who is one of the very few people that works full-time in the wedding profession. You are welcome view why I am different than 99.9% of all other officiants.